Cool Branding For The Fridge

We’ve had the great fortune to work with the Clark County Food Bank over the years and our projects have grown and evolved as they’ve grown with the community. We started out doing custom graphics for a few of their cars to brand their fleet. It was a quick and simple way for people to see CCFB out in the neighborhood. Then we moved on to wrapping their box trucks to help make an even more visible in the community and raise awareness of their presence. Most recently, we tackled their walk in refrigerators and added infographics and a media center to the doors.

Fridges typically aren’t our wheelhouse but the mighty sign makers are always excited to try something new. First it took a bit of research to see if this had been done before and how it was accomplished. The size of the door is large and the materials needed to be stronger to hold up to opening and closing. Because of the large size of the door, the weight of the materials needed to be considered and just how we would attach it to the door. We couldn’t drill into the door because would have damaged the seals and would would have risked hitting hoses or wiring. It took a bit of testing with what would be the best substrate to use with what combination of adhesive in order to find out what would last and stand up to a door being routinely used.

Taylor's sharp eyes make sure Jeff and Jason are lined up with the diamond plate panel.

Taylor's sharp eyes make sure Jeff and Jason are lined up with the diamond plate panel.

The solution was a reverse printed graphic on a thin polycarbonate material (which doesn't need laminating). In the end we used our trusty 3M 4622 VHB tape to ensure the acrylic is secure for years to come. The team prepped the surface to make sure it was absolutely clean so the panel would bond to the door. All hands were on deck while we double checked alignment and attached the panel to half inch strips of tape and pressed down to pop it into place. 

Ready for messages!

Ready for messages!

If you think about it, fridges are still a very central part of our lives even in the digital landscape. It is still a place to put shopping lists, hang up art, stick up a business card to remember for later and of course - leave a message. So this is exactly how this board serves CCFB. The size of the fridge was also a great space for the food bank to utilize for information. The sign also doubles as a handy infographic. The finish on the polycarbonate means that it can be written on with dry erase markers. Staff can keep everyone current with message about shifts and upcoming events.

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A Quick Guide to Trade Show Displays

Trade shows and business expos are an excellent opportunity to get your company’s name out there. Still, it can be a bit confusing figuring out what the best signage options are for these events. Should you go big and glitzy, or small and conservative? How does your brand message factor into your sign choices? And how in the world do those retractable banners stay up?

Well, never fear, because this blog post has you covered. We’ll go over the basics of trade show displays so that you can plan your own dazzling display. You’ll hopefully feel more prepared and confident about any upcoming trade show. So, get your foldout table and brochures ready, because here we go!


Throws and Tables Aplenty

First things first, you need a table for your trade show display. Preferably, it should be a foldout table, as those are lightweight and easy to transport. Add in a beautiful fabric throw and you should be set. Make sure your fabric throw is neither too long or too short. The fabric throw can be customized to fit your brand.


A (Retractable) Banner Display

Your trade show display would not be complete without a few carefully placed retractable banners. These are easy to assemble and also easy to store for later use. They are also very visible from a distance. Choose something colorful with a witty message on it that reflects your brand, and you will quickly bring potential customers to your booth.

Tabletop Banners—Another Option

You don’t necessarily have to go big and bold with your banners. There is always the option to have a few tabletop-sized retractable banners placed on your booth’s table. You can display different aspects of your products or services in a size that everyone can read from up close. Being specific here with your choices of text and images will help.


Get the Trade Show Display You Want

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Soup and Sandwich Boards: A Winning Combination

Big city restaurants and small-town diners are often the best places to get a bite to eat when you’re hungry and tired. Travelers come from far and wide, stumbling from feeling famished and thirsty. They happen upon a sandwich board sign for a beloved eatery. Relieved, they step inside and get the meal of their dreams.

All right, so maybe that is a little dramatic. But sandwich boards really can help your restaurant advertise specials, new deals and more. Hungry for some more knowledge about these handy exterior signs? Read on to learn more.


The Anatomy of the Sign

Sandwich boards are traditionally made of wood, with a black chalkboard panel on both sides. However, these days, you can get one made out of plastic or even lightweight metal. Your panel can have a section to place in letters, or it can just be the chalkboard or even whiteboard.

Usually, these signs are double-sided, so that passerby from both directions can read what it says. Sometimes they only have one side, though. This works best when the sign is up against a wall for whatever reason. We recommend the double-sided sandwich board, as it is more effective at getting customers to come in.


Advertise Your Daily Specials

How can a restaurant benefit from a sandwich board sign? Well, let’s say you’re an Italian restaurant with a delicious freshly-made pasta dish that your chef just thought up. You could write something witty on your sign, or simply just write down the name of your masterpiece plus the price. Informative and delectable!


The Future of Sandwich Boards

These days, you have probably seen the single-post sandwich board signs around. These are usually made of a sturdy plastic with a water-filled base for stability. These signs are potentially what all sandwich boards will start to look like. Because they are sturdy and durable, they’re preferable to wood, which can be prone to insect and water damage.

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Design the Perfect Lobby and Logo Sign

You know, as a business owner, that lobby and logo signs are a crucial aspect of your company’s signage collection. They help make an impact by letting your visitors know who you are, where you’re located and what you’re all about. But perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the choices for your lobby and logo sign. What materials are best? What colors? And which size? These critical questions will be answered in this helpful blog post, so read on to learn more.


Lobby and Logo Sign Materials

Your interior lobby and logo sign can be made out of various materials—in fact, in this case, there are many options. Wood may be a good choice for a construction company to show off what they can do. Imagine an imposing yet professional polished wood sign advertising your construction work. Or, perhaps you’re a modern architecture company that wants clients to know that you can work with many different materials. In that case, an acrylic panel that mimics the look of glass could be best. The only limit with supplies is your imagination.


Color Choices

With your lobby and logo sign, it is usually best to go with your company’s brand color scheme. This will prevent any confusion from your visitors or clients. However, in some instances, you can get away with a different color scheme if you’re in the process of rebranding. But again, be careful. Consistency is key with color schemes and branding.


Size Matters

When it comes to lobby and logo signage, be aware of the size of your particular sign. If you’re a law firm, perhaps big and bold is the way to go. But maybe you’re a small consulting group that wishes to be subtler in your sign choice. Whatever size you choose for your lobby and logo sign, again, be sure it’s consistent with your brand. Otherwise, your customers will end up being confused.

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Yard Signs: An Easy Way to Sell

Yard signs are a popular outdoor signage option this time of year, mainly because everyone is outside enjoying the warm weather. You can advertise any sort of products or services, from pop-up shop sales to real estate and much more. These signs are flexible, sturdy and easy to customize, making them great for a variety of business types. Read on to learn about the basics of yard signs and how they’re an easy way to sell.



Easy to Install

One of the best aspects of yard signs is how easy they are to install. Simply take the metal or wooden posts and put them into the ground. The panel of the sign, which is where you have your company’s brand, logo, design or advertising message, is handily attached to the posts. These signs are lightweight but durable, making them an excellent idea for a temporary signage display.


Materials of Yard Signs

The signs can be either wood or lightweight metal or even a strong plastic. Wood could be nice for a more formal, professional look—let’s say you’re a new architect in town who wants to show off all that you can do. On the other hand, plastic or metal can be useful for limited-time offers (think back to those pop-up shops mentioned earlier) or political campaigns. These options all have their benefits—you just have to choose which would be best for you.


Custom-Made and Colorful

Many politicians use yard signs to advertise that they’re running for office and to raise name awareness. Or maybe you’re a real estate agent looking to show off a new housing development or hot condos that are perfectly priced for the right customer. Even small businesses that are having a “grand opening” sale need to get their name out there somehow. Whatever it is you need to sell, yard signs are great for getting the word out.

This type of signage can be colorful—in fact, we’d recommend it. Choose bold primary colors so your sign is easily read at a distance. A white background with red or black lettering is a safe bet.

Get Yard Signs While They’re Hot

The prime time to use yard signs is during the spring and summer, so don’t wait to get yours today. Specialty Graphic Solutions produces top-quality, custom-made yard signs, so give us a call now.