Safety First!

Lobby sign with company logo flanking computer monitor on wall.jpg

Expressing your values is important, just like safety.  These vinyl wall graphics are displayed in Frontier Landscape and Tree Service's conference and training room.  The design is simple but the message is very clear.  Think safe and be safe.

These wall graphics are made with an air release vinyl that adheres nicely to walls.  It is simple to remove if your message changes.  After the graphics are printed on our state of the art Roland full color digital printer they must out-gas for about 24 hours before we apply the protective clear laminate.  This prevents bubbling and keeps the graphic looking good for a long time.  Speaking of gasses....

One thing to keep in mind is that vinyl wall graphics don't play nice with Low VOC paint.  VOC means volatile organic compounds.  Low or no VOC is great for the environment, but not so great for vinyl.  To make up for fewer VOC's paint manufactures add oil.  Oil and vinegar don't mix and neither does oil and vinyl.  The Mighty Sign Makers are great at putting your message on any vertical, horizontal or other oriented surface.  Give us a call today and we can talk you through putting your message on the wall.