New and Improved Website

Specialty Graphic Solutions is growing! Things are happening so fast here that we completely burned up our old website! The Internet called and wants it’s electrons back. Although we are attached to our old site, faced with the choice of getting a new website or breaking the internet we elected for the new website.

Mighty Sign Makers new web page.png

Creating a website for a graphics and sign company isn’t something you can drop into a template. All of our projects, be they signs, vehicle graphics or lobby signs, are all custom. The way we approached our website is the same way we approach every job. We met with several web design companies and the company that listened to us, understood our needs & desires, and was personable and easy to talk with then hired them to do our new site.

There was nothing wrong with our old site. We have been in business in the Greater Vancouver Metro area since 2011 so it was time to freshen things up. There are now features that didn’t exist in 2011. Pinterest and Instagram were still in the development phase back then. Now we can incorporate both into our site. All of our photo gallery pictures can be pinned with just a click of the mouse. As we finish jobs we will post our work to Instagram and it will magically appear on our website! Ain’t technology wonderful, except when it’s not.