If you clicked on this page we're betting you want to know who we are.  It's simple - we're a small but mighty group of hard working sign makers helping our customers Get Noticed.  We're professionals - but that doesn't mean we're boring.  Meet some of our core team members:

Taylor - Production Overlord

Taylor has the height advantage when it comes to tall installs but he's also tops when it comes to willingness to pitch in on any project or problem.  When Taylor isn't playing with sharp objects in the production room, he's collecting Magic: The Gathering cards. Random fact about Taylor - he enjoys peeling the protective film off new signs (and electronics). Told you it was random.


Austin - Low Man on Totem Pole

Austin joined SGS and hit the ground running.  He absorbs knowledge and skills like a sponge.  As the low man he takes out trash and recycling like a pro.  Austin understands all of Taylor's obscure cultural references and is known to laugh at Jeff's stupid jokes because he respects his elders (and Jeff is the bosses husband).  Hey, no one's perfect.

Jeff - Brick House (He's Mightay, Mightay)

Jeff is our go to guy when we are stumped (he's part time).   He is our resident grey beard.  His Zen-like Jedi MacGyver skills come in useful when a computer dies, we need a little creative boost, or the company movie theater needs dusting.  He also does marketing.  His superpower is parking karma; no matter where he goes a "rock star" parking place appears. 


Kelley - Owner & Chief Everything Officer

Among a million other things, Kelley loves a piping hot latte, a great glass of wine, jobs that run on time & under budget, the Denver Broncos, the Syracuse Orangemen, great books, and her husband and kids (though not necessarily in that order). 

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